Obsidian Publish: google analytics not working

Steps to reproduce

  1. Set up an Obsidian Publish vault to a custom domain, in my case: goinglovefirst.com
  2. Add Google Analytics tracking code in Publish settings for the site (making sure it’s a UA code)
  3. Visit the website

Expected result

Google Analytics to be loaded to the page and track views etc.

Actual result

Google Analytics keeps saying no traffic is being received.

Additional information

Is this perhaps because of the <base href="https://publish.obsidian.md"> in there? Can that base ref be removed?

Do you still have this issue?

I have the same experiance. The UA code is been configured in the publish settings, but no trafffic is reported to Google Analytics

I have this issue, too.

make sure you don’t have adblocker/tracker blocker and maybe give it a day.

If it doesn’t work, you can came on discord, maybe we can help debug the issue https://discord.com/channels/686053708261228577/768134314864017429

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