"Obsidian Publish" for Paid Content

I consider the publication of a non-fiction book via Obsidian Publish, with early access.

I am not sure yet whether it is going to be a one time purchase for the readers or a subscription model, however if one is possible and the other not, I of course would go for the possible option.

Which solution do you know for this?

I don’t have Obsidian Publish, so I’m not entirely sure how it works, but are there “sharing” links for Obsidian Publish sites that can be generated? Specifically, a link that expires after a while? You might be able to sell that as a subscription.

Or, you can try the Gumroad method, and have them pay for the link once. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Notion Templates, but people will sell them for like, $20 on Gumroad, and they’re really just links. But people will buy them.

If you click one of the paid templates in the link above, it will probably take you straight to Gumroad. So it works like this: people buy the “template” on Gumroad, and immediately after the purchase is processed, they are sent straight to the link. And if they put their actual e-mail in during the payment (watch out—some people will put fake e-mails), they will get a receipt, e-mailed to them and accessible in their own Gumroad account—containing that link.

So you could probably do something similar with your book, and just sell the link on a site like Gumroad.

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Thank you!

This sounds like a viable approach and I am going to test it.

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