Obsidian Publish favicons not working in Safari (macOS + iOS/iPadOS)

Setup all favicon sizes with both recommended naming conventions, plus .ico.

Works okay in Chrome/Chromium but, since Jan, I never got any to work with Safari.

Things I tried:

  • Different browsers.
  • Different machines/OS.
  • Different networks.
  • Flushing caches, DNS, and more.
  • Moving to a different domain and using Development Mode on Cloudflare to bypass caching.
  • Purging Cloudflare’s cache on multiple occasions.

I always get the standard Obsidian icon in tabs and favorites. Not sure what the problem might be? Domain is https://simone.org. Could be something on Cloudflare but I can’t think of anything specific.

I think favicons are one of the elements that can help with branding if working well across networks/platforms.

cc: Silver :slightly_smiling_face:

I think it’s just the way we hack the favicon that isn’t very welcome by safari-based browsers (we swap it out after the page loads because the page is hosted on a different server than the site contents).

I will find a way to solve this soon.


Hi, I am facing the same issue (fav icon works in chrome, not in safari)
I assume there is no solution for safari browsers yet? :innocent: