Obsidian Publish — Custom subdomain returns security warning

I’m using a custom subdomain for my Obsidian Publish site. The subdomain is lethologic.obsidian.com and the Publish domain is /lethologic. When I set it up last night, it worked instantly and without issues, but today I am getting the warning that “this site is not secure” on both Edge in Windows and Chrome on Android.

I have been using Obsidian Publish from both devices (updating my site, I mean) so not sure if that plays into it.

What can I can do? I think all my settings are correct. Thank you!

Things I have tried

Updated SSL setting to Full in Cloudflare. Cleared browser cache. Tried accessing site from a different browser on a different device.

What I’m trying to do

Solved this — just had to turn Proxying on over at Cloudflare.

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