Obsidian Publish Custom Domain not working


I want to setup my custom domain for my Obsidian docs. I usually know
how to setup a DNS entry but with obsidian something is going wrong.

The CNAME for docs.partyborn.de points to publish-main.obsidian.md as
you can see here:

The only thing I could think of is that publish-main.obsidian.md is the
wrong URL, as the docs are on
Startseite - Partyborn - Obsidian Publish (without -main postfix).

Do you have any ideas?


Have figured out how to solve this? I have the same issue and don’t know how go on.

The obsidian support told me I need to setup this security proxy (Step 6 and 7 here) Set up a custom domain - Obsidian Help

Then I asked my provider (not cloudflare) and he told me I either need to use cloudflare or rent another server for setting up such a proxy.

I have no idea why I need to do this. Gitbook for example works with a simple CNAME entry and that’s all. Obsidian doesnt.

What I did as a workaround is to just redirect the subdomain to obsidian. The url inside the browser is then still from obsidian, but you can easily type and remember the URL (and change it afterwards). Its too sad this does not fully work, for a paid service.

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