Obsidian Publish content policy

I looked in the Obsidian Publish docs, but did not see a content policy.

Since the content is hosted by Obsidian, what is allowed? What is not allowed?

Where does Obsidian stand on free speech?

Thank you.

We don’t currently have any explicit policy yet, but we probably should come up with one.

At the very least, you shouldn’t post anything illegal. This also includes copyrighted material, or things that you don’t have the rights to. Otherwise, we haven’t yet given too much thought about yet.

We’ll likely stick to a version of the community standards from more established sites, that typically don’t allow the following:

  • Promoting any illegal activity.
  • Nudity or sexual content.
  • Hate speech, extremism, terrorism, etc.
  • Promoting or inciting violence.
  • Personal attacks (or towards groups of people), harassment, abuse, etc.
  • Promotion of self-harm or suicide.

In addition, most services has a clause like this:

  • Don’t do things that interferes with other users of our services, or affects our ability to host the services.

In general, we’re not looking to suppress freedom of speech, but we aren’t here to defend it either. We’re just a small team of developers trying to making a living from making cool apps or services.

That mean that if the content you publish causes us trouble, whether it’s legal/copyright issues, or highly controversial/sensitive/unethical topics that causes us reputation harm, or solicitates malicious actors to attack our services, we may have to take down the content.

As a company and service provider, we try our best to stay in neutral territory. As such, we highly encourage our publish users to post content that’s safe for the world to see.

Thank you for being responsible community members!