Obsidian Publish... but on the intranet

This would be extremely useful:

Something like Obsidian Publish, but on an intranet (i.e. independent of obsidian.md)

The scenario:
Companies can create knowledge maps (e.g. capturing all the input from a CRISP-DM process) in Obsidian and share this information with people / departments in the company.

Ideally, people would not need to install anything to navigate the knowledge maps (–> intranet-publish solution).

Being a huge Obsidian fan myself, it hurts to see how ineffective my company’s documentation for graph-like knowledge is (they use Notion). Doing this with Obsidian would be so much better…

However, putting company information on a public server (Obsidian Publish) is no option, even if it’s hidden behind a password. It needs to be restricted to the company.

I think this would make Obsidian very attractive for companies to use as a documentation tool. And it would generate revenue through lots of commercial licenses…

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