Obsidian Publish bug: favicon not working

Steps to reproduce

Add a favicon file named favicon.ico to the root folder of my Obsidian vault, and published it to the site, per the Obsidian Help instructions.

Expected result

To see favicon on my website.

Actual result

Still seeing Obsidian icon instead: goinglovefirst.com

(Icon it points to is this: https://publish.obsidian.md/favicon.ico?806c195b91fe002387c7 )

Do you still have this issue?

hi, I am currently facing the same issue :slight_smile:

Hello, also having this issue with custom favicons.

You can came on discord, maybe we can help debug the issue https://discord.com/channels/686053708261228577/768134314864017429

I got it working now! I was strictly following the instructions on Customize your site and therefore expected uploading the fav-icon file would be enough to make it work, but actually you also need to select the file within the publish plugins settings :slight_smile:

we found a bug with favicon, it should be fixed now.

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