Obsidian Publish - Avoid to create same permalink

I am Korean user. When i enter the title to Korean, Obsidian publish URL use Unicode and the link is getting too long. So i use the front matter ‘permalink’.
But the problem is i could create same permalink. and it can be a problem.

Is there any solution to avoid the same value of permalink?

How do you create your permalink?

If you use uuid’s you should be pretty safe, but you get ugly links. If you create them by hand, I would make a dataview query grouped by permalink and if there is any group with more than one it’s not unique. :slight_smile:

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I create permalink in the frontmatter like:
“permalink: obsidian-note”

Thank you so much for the offer to create a dataview. I love it.

For now you could do a properties search of the permalink name before using it.

To make it a little easier you could bookmark the search with example text like [permalink: EXAMPLE]. Then you could just click the bookmark, double-click EXAMPLE to select it, type the permalink, and press Return.

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Did I offer to do the script? :smiley: I just gave the idea…

However… It’s such a simple script, so give this a go:

TABLE count, rows.file.link
WHERE permalink
GROUP BY permalink
FLATTEN length(rows) as count
WHERE count > 1

This should give you all the duplicated permalink’s in your vault with links to each file in the last column. It even displays the duplicated permalink in the first column.

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Oh i could check before if there is same permalink name. Thank you!

It works amazing!! Thank you so much!!

I don’t speak English very well, so I apologize if I misunderstood :sweat_smile:

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