Obsidian Publish: Adding paywall to content

This would be an excellent feature.

Its a different customer persona than what Obsidian targets, but this segment is highly profitable.

Basically, just copy what Ghost Publishing does. They make 400k a month with this business model.

See: https://www.indiehackers.com/product/ghost

Without a paywall, this limits the type of investment I can make into something based on Ghost for a wider community in a sustainable fashion.

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Hi guys, I am working on a an extensive commentary on the Bible in french language and would like to someday make it available online. However, since the work is tremendous, do you think it would be possible - for the ones willing to have access to my notes - to create some kind of subscription ?

Thanks for your answer.

Have you looked at Obsidian Publish?

I think what CodingVet is asking for is a way to charge for access to a vault that’s published via Obsidian Publish. People interested in his published vault would then have to buy a subscription for his vault.


This is an awesome thread. I’m working on developing some modular obsidian content that I’d like to publish for sale… have there been any updates over the last year that highlight any new approaches / best practices?


Hi everyone,

I’m very interested in this topic as I’m looking to set up a paywall for my Obsidian Publish content. I’m considering various methods to manage user access and monetize my content effectively. Has anyone successfully integrated MemberSpace or another service with Obsidian Publish? Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated, especially for someone new to APIs and Cloudflare Workers.

Thanks in advance!

I’m really interested in this too.
And the price is a real issue now, since the 50 dollars from publish is already very expensive in my country.