Obsidian Publish Access Controls

What I’m trying to do

I’d like to implement some kind of access control/directory level permissions in publish
folder1 is only visible to people in group A
folder2 only visible to people in group B
folder3 only visible to me
preferably also backwards compatible

At the moment if I need to share my notes with anyone I move them to a Google Doc and put the link in my Obsidian

I’ve seen this has evolved a bit over the years but generally speaking this is still unsupported and seems it’s understandably a bit out of scope for Obsidian and Publish.

Curious how others have dealt with this or if it’s really just too much trouble

Things I have tried

I have a ‘playground server’ I’ve been considering integrating to somehow deal with this but it’s honestly looking more complicated than anticipated. Especially if I want to use Publish and not build that myself too which I’d like to since Publish otherwise has been really great! Does kind of ruin the usefulness to me though if this is impossible/very difficult.

Thank you in advance!

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