Obsidian private/commercial use

Would just like to confirm if the setup below needs commercial licensing or not for Obsidian:

  • Currently I have notes about programming (SQL, Python, etc) but these notes are general and not company specific, do I still need to get a commercial license for obsidian if I refer to these notes while working in a company(in the future)?
    • Some notes of mine have sample snippets for boiler plate code or common SQL statements used for performance tuning in general

I would just like to clarify since I currently can’t afford it. Highly appreciate your thoughts on the the matter!

if you use Obsidian while performing work in company that has 2+ employee, you need a commercial license.

Thanks for the info! I did read the eula and it states this:

" … if you use it for revenue-generating, work-related activities in a company that has two or more people…"

What I’d like to clarify is if general programming notes and snippets qualify as work-related activities even if they are just general programming notes / snippets that I use as a reference on and off work(currently not working but will probably use the notes as reference in the future).

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