Obsidian permissions issue on MacOS Big Sur

Hello, I’m having an interesting issue with Obsidian with MacOS Big Sur and plugins… I am trying to use the obsidan-git plugin. When I open the app via the terminal command open -a Obsidian, it works, but when I open it via the GUI, it doesn’t. I assume it’s some sort of permissions issue, it doesn’t seem to be able to use git commands when opened normally. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue, or have any ideas on how to debug?

I have this working fine on my other macbook that is on Catalina, and I’ve installed obsidian the same way on both. the OS change could be unrelated though.

Technically, Obsidian has not been updated for Big Sur support yet (waiting on downstream changes re: Electron). So, there could be issues there.

Interesting, good to know. Does Electron have an ETA on Big Sur support?

No idea, sorry!

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