Obsidian Performance significantly decreased

Once I click within or scroll a note, it takes a couple of seconds for Obsidian to respond.

Some context below:
Recently I integrated a pretty extensive tag system with heavy use of emojis but didn’t experience any slowdown after that. On top of this, I’ve started using plugins and currently have 18 up and running. My vault is not huge, I have around 1000 notes and some pdfs saved which total 221mb…

Can somebody please help me understand what can be causing the slowdown?

Hi, from the details you gave, it would be a good starting point to disable all your plugins and try the performance then.

If Obsidian responds as expected, activate one by one, checking which one degrades the performance. Consider opening a bug on the plugin repo if you confidently find an issue.


thanks for replying.
Are you suggesting that among the listed items, plugins are the most probable to cause the slowdown? Have you ever experienced something similar?

I was leaning towards the extensive use of tags with emojis and was going to turn the whole tag system.

Plugins are code executed above the core of the app. A particular combination of them, or the usage with certain files in your vault may have undesirable consequences e.g. performance issues.

I haven’t experienced anything like that with Obsidian, but my bet is on plugins over emoji tags.

The Git plugin, for example, causes noticeable lags (mostly while checking repo status). It’s still great and I love it, but it’s the plugin — not Obsidian.

I have:

  • Advanced tables
  • calendar
  • csv editor
  • cycle through panes
  • daily stats
  • dataview
  • emojy toolbar
  • find unlinked files
  • kanban
  • mind map
  • natural language dates
  • outliner
  • pdf highlights
  • periodic notes
  • reading time
  • tag page preview
  • tag wrangler
  • tasks
  • templater

any thought on which one may cause the lag?

This is how I would approach the diagnose. If you use extensively tags, one of the plugins adding features related to tags may be the culprit


It could easily be a computer memory issue. If you are using Windows, check if the page file is set to be automatically managed. If you have low Gbs of RAM, then it may not matter. Check that you aren’t running a ton of apps in the background on the computer. You seem to like addons. You are probably doing the same thing everywhere.

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