Obsidian pandoc plugin

Hey, I have installed pandoc and such and also the plugin. but when i try to export it always fails. has anyone come across this before?

Although I unfortunately can’t help you, I jump onto this thread to ask if somebody can tell me a bit about installing templates for dummies.

I haven’t found out how to achieve the following steps:

  • Add --template my_template_name to the Extra Pandoc arguments setting (if you have a ~/.pandoc/templates/my_template_name.latex file for instance)
  • Make sure my_template_name is in the Pandoc resource path
  • Export to the same format the template is for

Obviously Obsidian is aimed at more tech savvy folks, which I’m not to this extent.
I would be happy for any help!

(I have obsidian running on Linux Manjaro and Windows 10, the files are shared via nextcloud. Firstly I’d be interested in fixing this for Manjaro.)

Solved this with the help of someone in the discord channel (@AB1908 ?)

I was just too blind to see that there’s two places to look for this. 1. under community plugins 2. in the left column of the settings window → PLUGIN OPTIONS.


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