Obsidian package on flathub.org - even after update Obsidian alerts, that a manual instal will be required

I am not sure whether to report here issues with the Obsidian package over at flat hub.org?

If so, I updated tonight to the latest version. However Obsidian itself tells me, that a manual instal will be required.
Is the underlying Electron not up to date? I still get a quite old “installer version number” reported in the “About” screen. Or anything else that I might have missed?

Regards, Mathias

Steps to reproduce

flathub run md.obsidian.Obsidian

Expected result

Starting without any warning or errors

Actual result

Warning that a manual update is required.


  • Operating system: Raspberry OS 64bit
  • Debug info:

Additional information

the flathub package is not produced by us. we don’t officially support it. It is a community effort. contact the authors.

OK, I’ll do that. Thanks for the swift answer.