Obsidian only in live preview disfunctional? Typing anywhere in note (in live preview) fragments lower lines of text

Suddenly, adding text anywhere in my note causes lower lines of text, incl. internal links to turn light and/or fragment. I have not experienced the issue in other notes.

It seems like the issue is no longer present when the default editing mode is turned on ‘‘source mode’’ instead of live preview preview mode.

Is anyone aware of this issue and can confirm it is live preview that causes this text fragmentation?

As I work a lot with images and sketches your help to use live preview without fragementing notes will be greatly appreciated.

Things I have tried

  • Turned off all community and core plug-ins
  • Rebooted Obsidian

What I’m trying to do

I am betting this is a theme issue with Live Preview. Try Updating your theme (doable in the settings) or switching to the default theme.

I did not know I could update themes individually, but it seems to have worked. Thank you very much!

Unfortunately, the issue seems to have ‘returned’; shows also in the default theme.


For some reason CRTL + C also does not work anymore in Obsidian, could this for some reason be related?

I get the same formatting problem and even switched themes a couple of times with same results.


Are you both just seeing “weird” formatting when you’re editing something? Does it look fine if, say, you aren’t focused on the pane in question?

Mine seems to happen when there are embeds and they display incorrectly and duplicated. It seems to be triggered by adding bold and italic editing. As I do that, eventually the embeds get all messed up. I can do screen capture next time it happens.


Same for me. @ryanjamurphy yes, it seems like the lines stay fragmented and embeds are displayed like the screenshots above.

It’d be great if someone could share a sample of this — include all the affected files!

Unfortunately, I cannot share the complete file due to IP. How can I provide you with relevant info without sharing all contents of the affected file?