Obsidian on mobile - sort of

I have a Surface tablet and an old Linux laptop, but over the last two years almost all of my work is done on ChromeOS – Pixelbook and Pixel Slate. When I discovered Obsidian just a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to have it with me all the time but did not want to be restricted to the Surface tablet or Ubuntu laptop since the Pixel devices are prettier, nicer to carry, have better battery life and screens – but, most importantly, they have much better keyboards than the former.

Now, for the first time, I have a genuine use case for Linux on Crostini. Since the ChromeOS has Google Drive built into its folder structure, I loaded Obsidian in Linux on Crostini and shared the Google Drive with the Linux partition so that it mounts automatically and Obsidian and my vaults are now nearly native on my Pixelbook and Pixel Slate. And because the vaults are on GDrive, I can also write and edit with my Samsung Tab 6 Android tablet or Pixel phone at any time. iAWriter and JotterPad are great Android apps for this use.

Note: The new Lenovo Duet tablet also has Linux but the Obsidian appimage will not load (I made sure that FUSE was installed but it still gives an error with Obsidian 0.7.4).
Please let me know if anyone knows how to make Obsidian work on the Lenovo Duet. That would really be a great little mobile device to use Obsidian on. It’s an awesome value with a very decent keyboard included.

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