Obsidian of IceDrive?

Hi everyone,

I’m a brand new user, and I’m trying to get this setup correctly so I can use it from my phone or laptop. If i place my vault on an encrypted cloud service, like IceDrive, will 1) I be able to access it on any device that has IceDrive and Obsidian, and 2) will it be encrypted if the cloud service is encrypted?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Mike S

What I’m trying to do

If you open the vault files from an IceDrive app (I’m assuming such an app exists), then in theory the files would be encrypted.

If you plan to open the files from within the Obsidian app, then things get slightly more complicated. If you use Obsidian Sync rather than a 3rd-party cloud service, that should be encrypted. If you use a third-party cloud service, the answer depends on whether whatever 3rd-party tools you’re using are using encryption.

For example, on Android I use an app that syncs my Dropbox content with a local folder on my Android phone. The Obsidian app reads the local files on the Android phone and any changes I make through the Obsidian app are saved to the local folder, which the app syncs back to my Dropbox directory. Is this process encrypted? No, I don’t think so. Could it be, if I were using apps or services with this feature? I assume so.

Thanks for the reply. I do agree that Obsidian Sync would be the cleanest way to do it, and I don’t mind paying for the service, but $10 a month seems a little steep to me. So I’m researching if I have any alternatives.

Also, I believe that Sync is encrypted in transit and at rest, but is it zero knowledge encrypted so that no one but be can access it?

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