Obsidian October 2022 daily progress and learnings

There is a general typing lag when the plugin is enabled. Unfortunately, I had to disable it.

(Index interval setting set to maximum
iPadOS 15.6)

I am sorry to hear that. What model of iPad?

Also do you notice this on any document, or long documents?

I have made the same experience. I think it has to do with the vault size.

I would like to figure that out. What is the vault size? How many files?

My fault size is 6366. I have a hole bible in my vault and have many cross reverences.

Please file an issue on GH, then we can work through it if you like. This plugin is used by others with sacred texts. likely its the large link count.

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It’s an older model (iPad mini 4).
Must be the vault size, though. 14200 + 4000 images. I experience the lag in small files as well (I am familiar with lagging issues from other apps (Taio, for instance) when the file is 40-50 pages long).

I just installed your update, but it’s the same, alas.
Didn’t try it on the desktop as I mainly use the tablet.