Obsidian October 2022 "Back to School": make plugins, content, and learn together

Hey everyone, it’s almost October again, which means it’s time for our second Obsidian October event!

This year the theme is “Back to School”, for actual students and also students of life. Participate to win cool prizes in any of the categories below:

  • New plugin: a new plugin that you made
  • Plugin update: a significant update of your existing plugin
  • Video: Obsidian related video posted to YouTube or TikTok
  • Written content: Obsidian related written content posted anywhere online
  • Demo vault: a downloadable vault to demonstrate how Obsidian can be used for a specific purpose

There will be special prizes for creations that are most helpful to students as well.

Even if you don’t win, you’ll get to create something of your own and have a chance to be one of 3 lucky winners for each category!

Read more about the event here: Obsidian October 2022 - Obsidian Hub - Obsidian Publish

Daily progress and learnings on the forum: Obsidian October 2022 daily progress and learnings