Obsidian Notes to Anki Decks - Bot

Hello, I’ve created a discord bot for my personal use that allows me to generate Anki decks from Obsidian notes using a discord bot (it sounds difficult but once installed, it’s very easy to use).

In my case, I use it to study ways of solving maths problems, so my notes are made up of two parts: the first is the problem and the second is the steps to follow to solve the problem. As I have hundreds of them, this allows me to study X of them every day without having to select them by hand + the bot has features such as selecting notes with specific tags or backlinks.

As I think it could help other people, I’ve made it open source and written a documentation ^^ If you try it out and have any comments, don’t hesitate to send me a DM: https://github.com/bonsainoodle/obsidianToAnki