Obsidian Notes Template

Hello everyone, so i started to use Obsidian as a main note taking app and after some days watching Youtube and Scrolling on forums i made my notes template.
I will leave the link below for the GitHub repository and i would love to know your opinion on the temple.

GitHub repository


Update on the templates available on the repository.

  1. Daily Log - Templates for daily log, weekly, monthly and yearly reviews
  2. Shopping List - Template for a simple shopping list
  3. Tasks - Template for the day-to-day tasks
  4. Objective - Template to mark and keep track of objectives
  5. Contacts - Template to create a contact list inside Obsidian.
  6. Meeting - Template to keep track of a meting, it’s also flexible for a recurrent meeting
  7. Project - Template for projects and project tasks
  8. Step-By-Step - Template to create simple to follow step-by-step
  9. Courses - Template to store information about a course and it’s notes
  10. Book Notes - Template to summarize and have some notes of a specific book that you have read
  11. Pros Cons - Template to help sort information to make a decision on something
  12. Blog Post - Template to keep track of a written blog post process
  13. Games - Template for a basic character information of a game
  14. Dashboard - Template for a basic index system for all files to link

Nice and Great!

I’m looking into the template thing to support the implement of obsidian into my daily usage.

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Thank you for the templates. One question: I don’t seem to get the {{ }} to work. Am I missing a plugin, setting or perhaps something else?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello, every where you see the {{ }} they will input information automatically.

Try this:

  1. Open Obsidian setting and go to core plugins
  2. Search for “Templates” and make sure it’s enabled
  3. Still in settings go to Hotkeys and search for “Templates: Insert Template”
  4. Make sure you have some keybinding on it
  5. Create a new note a press the Hotkey to insert the template

After the template is inserted {{title}} should be field with the same name as the document, and {{date}} will have the current date.

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If you find that something is missing or some improvement that can be made let me know.

Lovely, thank you. I missed the template-part of the whole thing and when I tried that, it magically works. Have a great day!

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OHHHHHH :star_struck: