Obsidian Notes -> Kindle Workflow

Hi all!

First post here so apologies for any future lack of clarity in my posting :smiley:

I was wondering if there is a workflow possibility which would sync an Obsidian Vault in some easily searchable way to Kindle.

When writing notes for college, sometimes its nice to read back on .md notes made, so quickly compiling/recompiling md files so that they would be readable on a Kindle would be fantastic. I know there are many ways of syncing Kindle highlights to Obisidan, but it would be fab to able easily consume/review notes on Kindle too

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I was able to install Obsidian on my Kindle Fire and I was already using Obsidian Sync so if you’re willing to pay for Sync you can go that route.

Hi! I was also daydreaming of using my Kindle e-reader to explore my vault. My use case would be to review my daily notes of the month or year. I love reading and highlighting on the Kindle.

So far, I can export individual notes to EPUB using Pandoc Plugin. I then load them onto the Kindle using Calibre. I’m missing a script that could merge a series of notes into one before I export.

Taking this further, it would be nice if the script could identify all the outgoing links in the merged note, copy all relevant notes at the end and maintain links. Of course, you could extend this to the whole vault and have a “flat” EPUB copy of all your notes in which each note is a chapter and links are somehow maintained.

Just some ideas. I don’t have the skills to realise that vision, but would love more ways to export to ebook formats :smile:

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I haven’t tried it myself, but some users use Readwise, which I understand can sync Kindle highlights and has an Obsidian plugin.