Obsidian moves non-supported files in range that aren't visible in the Obsidian file explorer

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a non-markdown file in an Obsidian vault. In my case, I have a file named simply snyc with no file type extension. It shouldn’t be visible in Obsidian’s file explorer.
  2. Select a range of files in the Obsidian file explorer. (Click on the first file and then shift-click on the second to grab a range. It will not work otherwise.) The first file must be alphabetically before the non-markdown file, and the last file must be alphabetically after the non-markdown file.
  3. Start dragging the range of files. The tooltip that counts the number of files being dragged should include the non-markdown file, even if it’s not visible in Obsidian.
  4. Drag the range of files into a subfolder.

Expected result

The non-markdown file shouldn’t have moved. Obsidian shouldn’t move files that it hasn’t been asked to move.

Actual result

If you go to your system file explorer, the non-markdown file should now be in the subfolder.


  • Operating system: Pop!_OS 20.10
  • Obsidian version: v0.11.13

thank you

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will be fixed 0.12

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