Obsidian Mobile v1.4.2, Build 90 (Insider build)

Here’s the Release Notes for v1.4.2 (Build 90):

Shiny new things

  • Introducing Canvas. You can now lay your notes out in an infinite, spatial canvas.

Core Update

  • Includes all new functionality and bug fixes up to Obsidian Desktop v1.1.10. This includes support for Obsidian Canvas!
  • There is now a new Vault picker in the left sidebar. Tap on the vault name to show a list of your Obsidian vaults for faster switching. Tap “Manage vaults…” to open the vault setup screen.
  • Phone only: The ribbon menu in the bottom navigation bar is now configurable. In the Appearance settings, you can now manage the order of the ribbon items as well as specify a “quick access” ribbon item.
  • iOS: fixed issue where numbered lists were being rendered as bullets.
  • Obsidian Sync: fixed bug causing canvas files to sometimes get deleted. If you installed v1.4.2 (Build 89) from earlier and didn’t have “Sync all other types” enabled in Sync settings, check your Sync history to see if you were affected. If you were, you can restore the files via Sync settings › Deleted files. - iOS: fixed Command-W closing the entire app instead of closing the current tab.

Note: For iOS users
We’ve received some reports of Canvas crashing on iPhones. If you experience a crash and have ruled out any plugins as the cause, let us know on Discord or on the forum.

If you can provide any steps to reproduce the issue or a .canvas file that is prone to crashing, please let us know.