Obsidian Mobile Release v1.0.5

Core update
Includes all new functionality and bug fixes up to Obsidian Desktop v0.12.19

  • Improved graph view animations.
  • Heading rename.
  • New theme store.
  • Slash commands.
  • New plugin APIs now available for the latest plugins to use.
  • Tons of bugfixes.


  • There are now new commands for copying, pasting, and opening the context menu, which can be assigned to the toolbar or the pull down menu for convenience.
  • Upgraded CodeMirror 6 which should come with many bugfixes and performance improvements.
  • Copy and paste is now handled just like the desktop app.

Obsidian Sync

  • Fixed version history page not showing size and device info.
  • Restoring files using version history will no longer error out with “This version is already the latest version”.


  • If you’re using Android 11+, you will be prompted for the new file access permission. This is unfortunately required by the latest Play Store policy.
  • Android vaults should no longer show duplicates if you’ve selected a vault in Documents/Obsidian.
  • Renaming a vault on Android should no longer cause it to disappear from the list.


  • The iOS app will now wait for iCloud to sync back configuration files before opening the vault to prevent load failures. This fixes the “plugin failed to load” popups that happens sometimes.