Obsidian Mobile 1.4.0

Here’s the release notes for Obsidian Mobile 1.4.0 (released on 13 October 2022):

Core update

  • Includes all new functionality and bug fixes up to Obsidian Desktop v1.0.
  • Ongoing UI overhaul with an emphasis on making the app more responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Phone-only: New bottom navigation bar includes forward/back arrows, tab menu, and quick access to your ribbon items.
  • Phone-only: The left ribbon bar has been removed from the left sidebar. It is now accessible as a menu in the navigation bar. Tap to activate your most recent action. Tap and hold to see a list of all ribbon items.
  • Tabs can now be used on both tablets and phones. On phones, tabs can be accessed with the button on the navigation bar.
  • Phone-only: Added haptic feedback for the context menu and pull-down menu.
  • Tablet-only: Some interface elements like menus and popups will now use the desktop version since there’s sufficient space on tablets.
  • Long-press links in Live Preview to show context menu.