Obsidian.md/plugins make the 'Learn More' an actual button, not just js click

Right now on the plugins page you can’t easily open each plugin page in a new tab unless you if you know that CTRL+Click is a thing. Which many people don’t know and it doesn’t work on mobile.

Which plugins page (there are several)? What “Learn more” link? Can you take a screenshot?

Sorry, I meant


Ah you actually meant on the website. Strange, when I click on “Learn more” in my desktop browser, it automatically opens in a new tab.

… It does. That’s not what I’m saying…
I’m saying the button isn’t an actual link button. it’s a scripted button.
So if you want to open it in a new window using SHIFT + CLICK, you can’t. Because the browser doesn’t realize it’s a link.
On mobile, you can hold the button to copy the link to your clipboard or share it. Because again, the browser doesn’t recognize it as a link

Again, SHIFT+Click works for me to open a new Window.

Sounds to me like your problems are mobile-specific?

I think you’re using Chrome, correct?
Firefox doesn’t work correctly
(and chrome on mobile)

Yeah using Chrome-based browser. Cool, we’re narrowing it down :slight_smile: