Obsidian leaflet plugin on the iPad

I love the leaflet plugin as a fun and inspiring way to organise my notes. On the laptop it works great. However, I also work on an iPad, especially when reading and thinking. Thus, I installed it on the iPad as well. This is was happens:

  1. the maps are synchronised just fine
  2. pins (markers) are not synchronised
  3. if I want to create pins on the iPad the colour settings don’t work. I can open the pin colour window but it is closed as soon as I want to use the RGB sliders or enter a hex code

I am using the leaflet plugin version 5.0.3 with Obsidian 1.2.3 on the iPad and Obsidian 0.14.15 on the Mac. All operating systems are up to date and synchronisation is done with Obsidian sync.

Thanks for your support!

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