Obsidian lagged and note opens 2 minutes after I click on it

What I’m trying to do

Hello ! I just want to open notes on my Obsidian but for days now, my Obsidian vault is lagging in a way that it is unusable.
When I open the vault, a pop-up on the upper-right corner says : “Obsidian index your vault”.
Moreover, when I try to open a note, it open an empty note called “No file” and there is nothing on it. After 2 or 3 minutes, the note would finally open.

Things I have tried

I try to desactivate the plug-in that I had to see if it was my computer that couldn’t support the plug-ins (Periodic Note, templator, dataview, folder note, homepage, omnisearch…) even if everything was working before.
I was thinking about a problem due to my cloud (i’m on Kdrive) and so i subscribe to Obsidian Sync for this month to see if it was this problem but nothing change.

If you have any ideas on this issue, i would be grateful !

Thanks !

Omnisearch does that every time you open Obsidian. It says so on the tin as well.

Lately I’ve had performance issues with Tag Folder (> disabled now), File Tree Alternative (only on Linux, though; disabling it cut down on those two minutes).

It is a struggle indeed, having to cope with these issues time and again, because one just wants to work and not troubleshoot.

I also create Workspaces with less bells and whistles to make the program more snappy.

  • I only mention it because I need to remind myself to go light.

thanks for your help !

I have passed my vault on my local storage and i use obsidian sync and the problem is resolved. I think that it was a problem of cloud more than one about obsidian finally.


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