Obsidian is linked to anki

Have you used the power search plug-in, which can search anki cards in obsidian according to the content of the row and display it in obsidian, and there is a link obsidian://anki? &id= here is the note id, which can realize the reverse linkage between obsidian and anki (anki card can be a title and a block, thus making up for the vulnerability of obsidian searching a large document), but this plug-in has a disadvantage is to stop the development, and at present, the line is used as the search content. Rather than mouse across the text, so I hope there is a big boss can change this plugin, or continue to maintain this plugin. Kneel and beg. [address] plugin (GitHub - aviral-batra/obsidian-power-search), or tell me where to modify all right ah, I’m not programming, chatgpt cannot achieve