Obsidian iOS: multiple folders = multitple vaults?

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I have my desktop obsidian setup up with an inbox and 3 main folders, each containing subfolders. When I try to access these on the phone, I have to open a vault. Once in one of the main folders, I can access all the subfolders, but I dont think I can see files from the other folders. I have to exit the vault and enter a new vault… Is this how it works or am I doing something wrong or not understanding?


You can put your 3 main folders in another folder and open this one as a vault on your phone. Does this work for you?

I could try that… it adds another level to drill down, but if it solves the problem, then why now. I gues then that is the normal behavior. I’m assuming wiki links will work then, as long as everything is in one folder/vault? and that you can’t jump from one folder/vault as I have it set up to another? Is there a technical reason the ios app can’t handle separate folders like I have it? seems like if it can work with a top level folder and multiple sub and sub-sub folders, it could work w/o it. But in any case, thanks!

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If I understand correctly, on your desktop, you have 3 vaults. But in your iOS device, you couldn’t create multiple vaults like on desktop. Is that it ?

hello. No, my obsidain main folder is in iCloud and within Obsidian I have folders:

Notes (has subfolders)

The iOS app is treating each folder as a separate vault which I have to enter and exit for some reason, and I dont think I can click on something in my inbox if the file it links to is in notes. It does seem to recognize subfolders of notes, so I was understanding from your post that I would need to add a top level folder like this?


Seems strange to have to do this however, so maybe I’m not getting something in the setup.



Your main folder IS the top level folder.

As you described it, you have your folder structure like this : main folder>vault>inbox/notes/templates

You don’t need to create another folder, just use your main folder as a vault in the iOS app, and you’ll have everything under one vault like on desktop.

If this doesn’t work, then it’s not the normal behavior, and you need to report it in the mobile section.

Also, it should recognize the sub folders automatically.

just to be clear, my main obsidian folder is in iCloud, with a little icon on it.
Inside that folder, I have subfolders, but the ios app treats each of those subfolders as a separate vault, instead of treating my obsidian folder as the vault.

Yeah, then you can either use my workaround or report this behavior and hope it gets fixed.

I’m not sure I get it yet. Are you able to show a screenshot of your vault? Perhaps the file explorer pane, or in your filesystem on your desktop. Just something so it could be easier to potentially spot any problems?

On your desktop computer, for each of these “subfolders”, do you find a .obsidian folder in each of the folders? (Maybe you can search that in iOS too, but I don’t know. It’s likely easier to see on desktop.)

yes, each of my top level folders has a .obsidian folder in it for some reason. I also tried to create a new vault via the iOS app called “research” just now. My folder names are differenet than I described above for simplicity sake. In obsidian, all of these are treated as one vault but on the ios all of them are separate vaults. not sure how to align the two. On the ios I can only delete a vault but seems that would delete my files too. I also have two trash folders for some reason.

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