Obsidian iOS isn't working anymore

I was travelling for the last two weeks and used my iPad without external keyboard to continue working in obsidian. The first week it worked mostly flawlessly - occasional onscreen keyboard space wasn’t released when onscreen keyboard was closed. Could be fixed with a reload.

After the first week something caused the app to completely freeze. Obsidian would try to initialise again and came back with an empty screen. I had only one or two seconds to make changes. After killing the app and restart the same behaviour. So I created a new vault copied my old files over, did the changes to the setup again and left the default theme and activated the plugins which I see as necessary (templates, excalidraw, graph analysis, omnisearch and dataview). The same issues again. I spent two days playing around with the issue. In the end I had to reinstall everything and run it completely standard (theme and no plugins). So far everything is working.

Now that I am home I checked the full setup on my Mac and no problems at all. Adding to the problem is that you can’t access the hidden files on iOS. If obsidian would use a standard folder on iOS this problem could be investigated faster.

Conclusion for me is that obsidian is ok for basic stuff on iOS but integration of plugins isn’t really tested well enough. As you see from the list above the plugins are high up in the use count - nothing uncommon or not widely used.

I didn’t post this under the bug section as I haven’t found where the real problem is and do not want to spend more time on this issue. Post is just as an information for obsidian iOS users.

It could be due to Omnisearch, could you try without it? There’s a bug in iOS that we’ve been trying to fix for weeks: [BUG] Crashes on iOS · Issue #120 · scambier/obsidian-omnisearch · GitHub

Also, if Omnisearch is responsible, I’d be thankful if you could try the beta and report if it works.

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Thanks for coming back to me. I did a new test without omnisearch and so far everything is working. Will keep an eye on it :slight_smile: and report back if there is an issue with the other plugins.