Obsidian Integration with Salesforce?

Hi everyone!

I am just starting to use Obsidian for my Zettelkasten-system, and I love it. Now recently, I was asked whether there was a way to connect Obsidian to Salesforce, so that the connections (e.g. to specific people, tags, etc) could be synchronized with it.

Does anyone here have an idea?
Thank you so much!

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At the very simplest level, you could easily hyperlink from Obsidian text to Salesforce records/reports/etc. If you wanted to link the other way, one way would be to create Obsidian files with a filename of the Salesforce record ID, then have a formula field on each object you want to link which creates the relevant Obsidian URI link.

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Thank you, dknight212!
Especially the second option sounds intriguing. Since I am both new to Salesforce and to Obsidian, I am not totally sure how to go about doing this (nor what exactly this would do). Would you be willing to explain in more detail what this would do and how I might go about doing this?

Taking these in turn.

  1. A hyperlink from Obsidian to Salesforce. Each record in Salesforce has a unique ID and through that, a unique URL. For example, a link to an account might look like:


or just


where XXX is your own organisation’s domain and YYYYYYYYYYYYY is the unique ID for that record.

You could then link to that from Obsidian using normal external markdown links.

  1. Unless you’re a Salesforce admin you won’t be able to set up a new formula field, but if you did you’d have something like this in the formula:

“obsidian://open-note?vault=your-vault-name&filename=” + id

This would assume you’ve created a note in Obsidian using the record’s ID as the filename.

Alternatively, you could create a rich text note with the link on each record to the vault.

However, if you’re creating data in Salesforce you really need to talk to your system admin as, unless this was a business use, they may not permit you to add any links using either method.

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Thank you so much! This is very helpful. I will gladly talk about this to my admin.

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