Obsidian hot-reloading settings after sync

What I’m trying to do

Syncing Obsidian settings

Things I have tried

Enabling all the Selective and Vault configuration sync options.
Step by step issue:

  1. Do changes to the settings on my PC (for example edit the Graph configuration)
  2. Waiting for Sync to finish
  3. Opening Obsidian on my Phone
  4. Waiting for Sync to finish
  5. Open the Graph: The settings from my PC do not appear.
  6. Restart Obsidian on my PC
  7. Old settings reappear on my PC

When looking at the sync log I can see, that my PC syncs the Graph settings correcty and that my Phone receives them. If I close and open Obsidian on my phone before opening the Graph everything works fine and the changes are applied. If I don’t do that I can see, that my phone syncs my old graph settings back to my PC.

I think the problem is, that Obsidian is not reloading the settings after receiving a new settings configuration from sync

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