Obsidian has a few issues on Vision Pro

I’m REALLY loving Obsidian - I’m brand new to it and came to it when I discovered iA Writer decided to DISABLE their app on Vision Pro…

Anyway - I’m finding that Obsidian is generally a far better product all around with a few minor exceptions.

As you probably know, you mostly control UI element usage on Vision Pro with your eyes. In normal iPad apps, you can just look at a “control” (button, text entry field, etc) and it will obtain focus and allow you to interact with it. I’m finding that some aspects of Obsidian have issues with this interaction methodology. To be clear, a currently working solution is to use a trackpad instead of my eyes, so this isn’t a “critical” bug.

So the issues are:

  1. When I try to look at the sidebar button in the upper right of the window (bear in mind, I’m running the iPad version of the app on Vision Pro), the “focus” gets “stuck” on the left arrow button. I can’t get the focus to move up to the sidebar button. Same issue with the tabs, the little down arrow in the upper right, and the other sidebar button in the upper right.

  2. Invoking search with Shift+Command+F works fine in general, but when I’m done with my search, I similarly to issue #1 above… I cannot put focus onto the “X” button. I can put focus on the search text field, the “Prev”, “Next” and “All” buttons, but not the “X button.

I’m thinking there must be something different in how these buttons are presented to iOS versus the ones that are working fine

Were you intending to post these as bug reports?

Yes - let me see what I did wrong….

Have a look :eyes: here and give the snippet a try:

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This 100% fixed my issue - THANK YOU!!! :slight_smile:


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