Obsidian goes black when indexing

Obsidian is trying to index changes to my vault and the entire window goes black. I have left it on for a while and it does not come back. I store my vault locally so not using any sync or cloud storage.

First off, do you have backups? If not, go copy the whole vault folder from your system file explorer, just in case. Make another copy somewhere.

What OS? What version and installer version of Obsidian? It might be time to download a fresh installer version.

Or if your index somehow got corrupted, you might have to find and delete whatever file(s) are related to the index. That hopefully should not impact your notes in any way.

(Otherwise, I don’t have any idea what might cause that.)

Thanks so much. I actually figured out that a plugin (a zotero connector) accidentally messed up and created a jumbled md file that was what was causing the issue. I got rid of the file and it all works again.

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