Obsidian + Github Issues/PR Integration (Not using Github to sync)


I am an open source library maintainer and I have been using Obsidian to write my notes for a while.

I have a few parents notes that link to many atomic page (a github issue). Usually I will write what I have been doing, what works or not. I really like Obsidian graph view and is much better than Github Issue tracking. It helps me to understand which issues are related to a specific problem. However maintaining all issues and tag them manually is a lot of work, so I am only doing it for the issues that I am working on.

What it should do:

  • Sync Github Issue/PR locally (Title, description, tags, metadata etc)
  • If it is tagged in Github, create the tag or links automaitcally (For example in github you can link another issue with #<number_of_issue>, so it will work
  • The # is not a valid title in markdown, so everytime I copy the link I have to change that manually.

What it shouldn’t do

  • It doesn’t have to sync 2 ways, it will be very complicated to do so as soon as I start writing notes in Obisidian.

Is there any existing tools that can do this already? I like the graph view, markdown base (use anywhere), and I can write my summary and tagging specific issue easily.