Obsidian Gems of the Year 2021 voting

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A few things to note before you vote:

  1. For each category, you can vote for up to 3 options.
  2. You can change your vote later.
  3. Submissions are sorted alphabetically. Make sure you go through the entire list before voting.
  4. You can click on the links to check out more details. They link to the original nomination post. This is especially helpful for workflows and achievements.
  5. Voting ends on Jan 5, 2021 (Anywhere on Earth). The polls will be automatically closed. Donโ€™t wait until the last day to vote!
Plugins category
  • 5e Statblocks (link)
  • Admonition (link)
  • Advanced Slides (link)
  • Advanced Tables (link)
  • Big Calendar (link)
  • Breadcrumbs (link)
  • Buttons (link)
  • Citations (link)
  • Code Editor Shortcuts (link)
  • Dataview (link)
  • Dice Roller (link)
  • Encrypt (link)
  • Enhancing Mindmap (link)
  • Excalidraw (link)
  • Fantasy Calendar (link)
  • File Tree Alternative (link)
  • Folder Note (link)
  • Icon Folder (link)
  • Image in Editor (link)
  • Incremental Writing (link)
  • Kanban (link)
  • Macros (link)
  • Map Of Content (link)
  • Map View (link)
  • MetaEdit (link)
  • Obsidian RSS (link)
  • Outliner (link)
  • Pandoc (link)
  • Periodic Notes (link)
  • QuickAdd (link)
  • React Components (link)
  • Readwise (link)
  • Recent Files (link)
  • Remember Cursor Position (link)
  • Reminder (link)
  • Remotely Save (link)
  • Self-hosted LiveSync (link)
  • Shell Commands (link)
  • Shortcuts Extender (link)
  • Style Settings (link)
  • Supercharged Links (link)
  • Tabout (link)
  • Tasks (link)
  • Templater (link)
  • Text Snippets (link)
  • Text Transporter (link)
  • Vimrc Support (link)
  • Word Sprint (link)
  • Workspaces Plus (link)

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Content Creators
  • Bryan Jenks (link)
  • Chen Yongda/่ฝฏ้€š่พพ (link)
  • Curtis McHale (link)
  • Eleanor Konik (link)
  • Federico Viticci (link)
  • Filipe Donadio (link)
  • Joschua (link)
  • Marcus Olsson (link)
  • Nick Maleki/Recursion (link)
  • Nick Milo (link)
  • Obsidian Community Talks (link)
  • Obsidian Hub (Clare Macrae and Argentum) (link)
  • Santi Younger (link)
  • Zsolt Viczian (link)

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  • Advanced Breadcrumbs by lkadre (link)
  • Comprehensive Academic Workflow from Reading to Writing in Markdown by pseudometa (link)
  • Detailed write up of the Zotero โ†’ Obsidian workflow by Cat (link)
  • Fiction project management by Eleanor Konik (link)
  • Journaling setup by SlRvb (link)
  • Life-Disciplines-Projects by usaradark (link)
  • Obsidian for red team pentester collaboration by Sam Link (link)
  • Obsidian for TTRPG by Leah, Andy Polaine, SlRvb, Nicole van der Hoeven, and Jeremy Valentine (link)
  • Qualitative Analysis Using Obsidian by Ryan J.A. Murphy (link)
  • Quick Capture + Inbox Processing by Maggie Delano and TfTHacker (link)
  • Second Brain Setup by lkadre (link)
  • Seedbox, 2021 Edition by Price Baldwin (link)
  • Simple project management by imed (link)
  • Simple task management by imed (link)
  • SlRvbโ€™s MediaDB Setup (link)
  • Team-based project management by kitchenrunner (link)
  • Using spaced repetition and temporal tags to develop your conceptual notes by abopp (link)

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  • Apple Loves Leah - Leah (link)
  • Completed my first NaNoWriMo - Curio Heart (link)
  • Finally developed an inner motivation for academic work! - Battle_beaver/Adrius (link)
  • Had articles published in paying markets for the first time - Eleanor Konik (link)
  • Iโ€™m making a free tabletop roleplaying game, from scratch, in Obsidian - Seraaron (link)
  • Obsidian instilled a love of coding in me - Joschua (link)
  • Ph.D. unlocked - Verma Vivek (link)
  • Super-helper mnvwvnm has helped build a strong community of practice with the help of Obsidian - mnvwvnm (link)

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