Obsidian Gems of the Year 2021 nomination - Plugins

Shell Commands

Be able to use Shell commands with Obsidian is a tool that make possible to create any thing that you want. The amount of features that this plugin is mind blowing.

The way that @Jare runs his plugin in Git is spectacular. SC is an Obsidian gem saved my obsidian life :wink:


react component


If one has a background in front-end development, this stuff can bring considerable fun to the notes and can make the notes an interactive experience. Ah, I love it!

Those who know all understand, those who do not need to know, you know!

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Obsidian Big Calendar
Repo Link

It is the first plugin I want to make, and it is beta now. Just want to make adding tasks or editing tasks easier, you can see them in Month\Week\Daily\Agenda view. Those tasks are from your notes and your daily notes, and even Google Calendar in the near future.


Supercharged Links

Using emoji to differentiate file contexts has been popular in the Obsidian community, and among content creator public vaults. With a quick visual scan, you can tell if it’s a book summary, a daily note, or a note about a person.

But using emoji can be tricky. It doesn’t play well with all third-party sync services. It’s a manual process, so can be easy to forget… or a pain to change dozens of files if you change your mind.

That’s the beauty of Supercharged Links. It takes a simple, customizable, and visible concept, and makes it easier to personalize your Obsidian system to be what you need it to be with just a small snippet of code. You can adjust colour, and apply emoji to tags and unique metadata on the fly. Plus, it works with the Breadcrumbs plugin.

So I’d like to nominate Supercharged Links for bringing simplicity to customization.



The Recent Files plugin is so useful for backtracking your recent work. It’s simple, solid and the elegant UI integration into the side panel works well in both desktop and mobile. It’s the panel that stays open the most during my obsidian activity.


If you are a visual thinker like me this plugin is a no-brainer. It’s so easy to use and create and update drawings. The interaction between Obsidian content and the drawing components is amazing. Update a note referred to in the drawing and the drawing is automatically updated … so powerful.
The developer has comprehensive tutorials and is very responsive.

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Style Settings is even better with the new command to open it in a pane so you can see the effects of your setting changes in your current note in real time. This is a major upgrade of this already outstanding plugin.

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Thanks for all your nominations! We’ll compile all the results into a voting post soon :heart: