Obsidian Gems of the Year 2021 nomination - Plugins


It allows me to accumulate annotations and notes from many types of sources, e.g. Inoreader for RSS, online articles with Readwise’s browser extension Highlighter or Hypothesis, PDFs, etc., into Obsidian. After this, I can arrange when and how to handle those annotations and notes with Dataview.


Map View
Github: esm7/obsidian-map-view
Add location data to any note and display it on the world map.
Ideal for travel preparations, History research of places or buildings, Journaling of places where you have been.


Allows text and drawing / image annotation in one tool. Wonderful!

  1. Advanced Tables
  2. GitHub - tgrosinger/advanced-tables-obsidian: Improved table navigation, formatting, and manipulation in Obsidian.md
  3. Makes it possible to work easily with constructing tables in markdown

Tabout, a plugin that let’s you tab out of parentheses, both round and square, footnotes, italics and bold markers, and pretty much everything. This is super useful if you find it easier to hit the tab button instead of the arrow keys, which it is for me since my laptop keyboard makes it harder to quickly navigate to the arrow keys purely by touch.

Image in Editor
Repo Link

I like spending most of my time in Editor and rarely switch to Preview mode. Image in Editor plugin helped me a lot to support my workflow and see images, pdf files directly in the Editor view. The additional option to see the transclusions in Editor is also very helpful!

  1. Periodic Notes
  2. GitHub - liamcain/obsidian-periodic-notes: Create/manage your daily, weekly, and monthly notes in Obsidian
  3. With this plugin, I got into the habit of keeping a diary every day and learning from my mistakes. In other words, this plugin served as a compass for me, which helped me to adjust my vector of movement when the wind of life took me out of the way.

Obsidian RSS

Bringing RSS into Obsidian, alone, is a breakthrough. Integrating note creation with the content of any item of an RSS feed, well, words escape me. The bar for Obsidian plugins is very high and Obsidian RSS exceeds it. Yes, I am gushing.


Pretty surprised to be the first to add Admonition !

I use it a lot for my lesson! So, know, I know directly what information I need to learn, what is my definition, example… Also, the collapside option is pretty usefull !


@Mara-Li Hi, please separate your nominations into separate replies as we’ll be linking to each one when in the voting process. I just added a note for that, sorry for not telling everyone earlier!

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Okay ! Sorry for that^^

My second nomination is for Folder Note (alx-folder-note)

It is really a part of my obsidian, like folder or tag. I literary cannot work without it.


Finally, my third nomination is Obsidian-Icon-Folder

With folder note, I can create a really nasty explorer. It’s just beautiful, but also useful : each folder, with their icon, contains some information and I know directly what I want to open.


Thank you so much!

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Advanced Tables

GitHub repo

Advanced Tables automatically formats markdown tables, and allows you to use tab and enter to navigate through them.


Shell commands

Assign terminal commands to hotkeys/command palette. I created this plugin for being able to easily run Git version control commands in Obsidian vault’s folder, and to open a terminal application if I want to do advanced stuff with Git. Moreover, people have used it to generate content to their notes from external sources, do regexp matching on note file content and copy the result to clipboard, open the current note in Visual Studio Code editor with the caret* being placed exactly where it was in Obsidian, etc.

*) The caret position feature uses a new variable that will be released in near future.


name; Self-hosted LiveSync

It brings obsidian’s blitz productivity to us, even be in a company that keeps sensitive blueprints and/or stone-age culture.


File Tree Alternative Plugin

I would like to nominate the plugin I created (Yeah, very humble of me :smiley:).

Default file explorer has files and folders in a single view and it is not very convenient for me. This plugin now creates 2 panes separated for files and folders. Since I first created the plugin, I have never touched the default explorer. It has almost all functions that are provided by the default explorer. You have additional functions like searching files by names, focusing on a certain folder, showing/hiding files from sub-folders, excluding certain folders, and many other just out of the box. I believe it can be considered at least as a candidate :slight_smile:


I nominate Style Settings by @mgmeyers !

This plugin absolutely changed the way theme creatores think about their themes, and how users interact with them! It opens up a TON of customization options, and enables users to fine-tune their favourite themes in order to reach their dream setups. The importance of this plugin to the community can’t be overestimated!


Recent Files by Tony Grossinger
GitHub Link

Greatly undervalued plugin flying under the radar in my view. The functionality is very straightforward, namely simply displaying your recently browsed files in the sidebar. But once you figure out how to adapt your workflow to it, it can become one of the most valuable plugins.

  • No need for sliding panes, tabs, multiple panes, or guess work how often you have to press the navigate back button. No need to have multiple panes open, when you can simply switch back to any note you recently used. And when you do not use a note anymore, it simply falls down in the list of recent files – no need for the good old “close your unused tabs/panes” problem many of us are familiar with from Browsers.
  • No need for a file explorer. Together with the Quick Switcher plugin, Breadcrumbs, or another plugin that allows you to navigate between notes, the Recent Files plugin allowed me to ditch the file explorer for good. The file explorer displays notes in the same folder, but more often than not, I am rather interested in notes I used recently than notes of the same category.

This is a great example how a really simple plugin can still provide great value.