Obsidian freezes

Occasionally obsidian becomes unresponsive, doesn’t register any clicks, nor ESC button, nothing, just freezes with valid content displayed for ~30sec-1min, then it works again. Happens once after few days, sometimes twice a day.

After the incident I open dev console, but no issue at all there.

I do have it blocked in firewall, but no internet environment can be expected anytime. Also it doesn’t freezes on every day/boot.

I have turned off GPU acceleration, but same problem.
Safe mode is on, I don’t use plugins/sync/auto updates/css
v0.13.19, seen it happening on win7 and win10 with plenty of RAM, SSD.
I do have live view enabled.

Is there a detailed logging I can enable? It’s very annoying.

No way to reproduce it on demand.

you have an obsolete version. download and reinstall obsidian.
Moved to help until you can provide some repro steps.

I installed latest, will see how it goes.

It overrode my h1 template to huge 44px fonts.

This no longer works:

.markdown-preview-section h1
    font-weight: 500 !important;
    font-size: 22px !important;
    color: var(--text-title-h1) !important;

Also it inserts page title as first line into every document, which is redundant.

This is why i disable auto update.

it inserts page title as first line into every document, which is redundant

You can disable that in settings.

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What about the headers? Did the css format change?

Yes, if you read the release notes, there was a pretty major change to how themes work. There is a new css variable system too, which makes it much easier to customize things.

There is a theme migration guide: 1.0 Theme Migration Guide

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