Obsidian "forgets" a vault

Things I have tried

  • Different Cloud Drive providers

What I’m trying to do

  • Have a vault available in the list of indexed vaults when I start obsidian.

I have multiple vaults in obsidian. One is my personal vault, where I keep a journal + zettle-type notes. This is currently stored in G drive.

The other vault is a company vault, with notes on clients, a daily planner, a company journal, meeting prep notes etc. That is stored in a company GDrive.

Neither vault is stored locally.

When I close obsidian, for example, to reboot the machine, then open it again, the company vault is present in the list of vaults. The personal vault is missing - it’s not on the list. And I then have to find it again in the file system, which then means Obsidian will index the vault again and operations/searches will be slow for a while. This happens every time with the personal vault, and never with the company vault.

This behavior was seen with the personal vault in OneDrive too.

Plugins I have installed in this personal vault are:
File Explorer, Search, Quick Switcher, Graph View, Backlinks, Page Preview, Daily notes, Templates, note composer, Command palette, markdown import formatted, Zettlekasten prefixed, Word count, Slides, Open in Default app, File Recovery.

My guess is that your cloud syncing is causing duplicate settings files. If there are duplicate files, then when Obsidian tries to write the settings, it ends up writing to a different file, and the settings are “forgotten”.

Please check inside your vault .obsidian folder. Do you see a bunch of files with numbers or “copy” or “conflicted” in the name?

There are a few threads about similar problems.

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