Obsidian for Students - A Two-Phase Process

Hi folks. I’ve started drafting up how I’ve used Obsidian (in conjunction with other software) as a student that may be helpful. Its still in progress—right now, it’s mostly a conceptual description. If there’s any feedback on the post (what types of examples to walk through, etc.) or the workflow itself (always trying to tinker and improve it!) I’d appreciate it. Thanks so much!


awesome post, thanks for sharing it, I particularly agree with how awesome “anki for obsidian” is. It’s a game changer.

Keep up the great writing

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Wow, great description of the whole process!
I am setting up pretty much the same process right now.
So far I had some problems, because you really can’t skip the first but very important phase. You have explained that very well.

If the symbolic link works one day, I would be happy! :slight_smile:

Then a thing you could possibly do to have the notes from GoodNotes linked to the course MoCs is the following:

  1. auto-backup the notes from GoodNotes in a cloud service which can also be accessed via your file explorer (unfortunately DAV is not supported by GoodNotes - so I now use Dropbox for example)
  2. reference to a pdf-file (or even the whole directory) with a symbolic link

Thanks for the kind words!

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Thanks so much! I also had a lot of problems when starting. There were more than a few cases where I was trying to use a single tool with mediocre results for the sake of using a single system instead of matching the task with an appropriate tool and accepting a little bit of a extra work (when the payoff wasn’t yet apparent).

I’ve been hoping GoodNotes to release a URL scheme to directly open a note in the native interface, similar to how Obsidian and some others have URL schemes to open specific objects directly. I’ll definitely look into your suggestion on using the automatic PDF backups as the entry point, particularly when I just need to reference something quickly.

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