Obsidian for Musicians

Hey, Krakor! Really interesting Reddit post. Please let us know when you are ready to share your dataviewjs with other users :slight_smile:

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Here it is :partying_face: some-custom-dataviews/jukebox at master · Krakor92/some-custom-dataviews · GitHub

It still contains logic that is tailored to specific metadata I use (only the voice field actually) but I intend to remove it at some point. This shouldn’t be a problem right now, unless you use that field as well in your music.md files, in which case you might get some unexpected behavior when you try to filter on it.

I’m sorry in advance if the readme is not clear enough or is missing some informations, it’s my first time sharing a work on GitHub that need such a big documentation. I will add images with some examples at some point for better understanding.

I’ve noticed it might not be clear in the readme but the query.js file I refer to is accessible in the root of the repository.

I hope this will meet some of your needs and anyway, feel free to send me a message here or on discord (i’m a bit active on the Obsidian server) if you have any questions.


Hey Krakor,
sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much for sharing this :slight_smile: I’m going to give it a go right away. Your documentation on GitHub is very interesting too. I see you are a video game music enjoyer! Cool, I am a film composer myself, and I’ve also been trying to make my playlists on Obsidian for inspiration. This is kind of unrelated, but Obsidian completely freezes when I open it on my iPad. I really don’t understand why! I just open the first note and any further search is impossible. Has this happened to you at any point? This is the only thing preventing my complete freedom from YT playlists.

It’s weird. I also have an iPad and have never experienced this kind of problem.

I guess you’ve already tried it but you should make sure it’s not the fault of a plugin (and that your application is up to date of course) before filling out a form on the forum.

Enable safe mode and restart Obsidian. If the problem persists, I suggest you create a new issue specifying your device specifications and application version.

On the other hand, if it solve your problem, you should apply the divide and conquer strategy to find the culprit. When you have found it, disable it and try to find out what could be causing this problem and open a new issue in the plugin repository to explain it.

I hope this helps

That divide and conquer plugin is neat! Thanks so much for the help, I’ll try what you suggest. Having access to obsidian on my iPad would be a game-changer actually. Thanks again.

Wow I have a lot of catching up to do! Has anyone created an YouTube tutorials? Willing to share their set up???

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Am I Too late for this???

Have you tried unlisted? That may work

Hey! Thanks for the idea. I don’t remember now if I tried that :slight_smile: I’ll give it a try, although being the control freak that I am, I do like to own my files. My current solution is painstakingly slow: when I want to “quote” a particular passage of music in a note I just take the link to the mp3 and copy it where I need to and manually add the timecode as an alias with | after the filename. When I want to listen the passage I was referring to, I have to open the floating window and click on the correct TC by hand. It’s better than nothing, but it’s very close to it!! :frowning:
Thanks anyways for thinking about this!

The solutions in this thread may be useful here as well:

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Thanks for sharing it here!

Hello everyone! I just stumbled upon this fantastic plugin. I am curious about why we didn’t find this before, since it seems the plugin has been around for a while. In any case, it really makes musical KM way easier!! GitHub - noonesimg/obsidian-audio-player: audio player plugin with bookmarks for Obsidian.md

P.S. If anyone has any suggestion about how to use this plugin for all audio files automatically instead of having to write the code every single time… I’m all ears!

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Have you managed to get this to work properly with commenting? I can get the plugin to work only with mp3s but I cannot use the timestamp comment feature — the UI doesn’t display in the way the git page shows.

Hmm, I haven’t had any problems with timestamping and commenting. This is how it looks in my vault:

To add a timestamped comment I only need to double-click on the audio wave and this pops out:

Do you get the same UI display too, or does it already give you problems there? Do post a capture and we can try to figure this out!

As a side note to my previous reply, I have to say that I still don’t know if this plugin will survive in my vault. Only time can tell.
What I have been doing for quite a long time, though, is uploading my Sibelius and Transcribe files to my notes so I can quickly access them from there by just double-clicking on them. It’s a very inelegant solution, but it keeps things going until something better shows up, and I don’t end up having to waste more clicks around and looking for files on my computer.

Hi. I’m afraid I can see the UI, but when I click on the time columns I get no option to add a comment. Could be really helpful if this was implemented! As an added bonus, having the raw MP3 note be the location of the plugin’s interface would be doubly helpful as it would mean one less note, but that may not be technically possible.

It’s really odd. I do get the comment popup when I double-click on any of the time columns in the display.
Alternatively, you can try to write the timestamps manually, only to check if that works. This is the syntax:

On your added bonus: The mp3 files aren’t actually a note. I agree that it is annoying to get them displayed as if they were a note if you click on them. I also had to filter out all .mp3 files from my searches by default to avoid cluttering my search results. But I think it is a good thing to have notes on one side and raw files (like mp3s or images) on the other. This is what makes the whole thing portable and app-independent.

Have a great day, and don’t hesitate on sharing your thoughts or questions!

Hi there.
Just found it over here, and I was amazed!

Well, I’m a pianist and I have a partnership on a wedding band over 20 years.
My ideia is to have a centralized repository of sheet music.

Today, I use Dropbox to hold all Sibelius source and the output-pdf of each instrument of the band (piano, 1st and 2nd violin, trumpet/trombone, cello, drums, flute, horn, etc).
It’s very hard, when in an attendant, to inform the bride about which music we have on our repository, and for which instruments. I have to perform a raw search on my Mac folder and check it.

I use Obsidian for +2 years for my IT company, as PKB, but I would like to have a dedicated vault to organize these sheet musics, such genre, music title and composer, the version writer, which instruments we have for this music, etc.

There’s a specific plugin or templates that you guys are aware?
Or do I have to use just Metadata and have a link to this sheet music to my outside storage (such Dropbox or Onedrive)?
I don’t think that use Obsidian to have the sheet files itself will be a good idea, we have more than 3.000 unique custom-sheet music, and organize these files will not be too collaborative as we have today. But instead have a spreadsheet to organize these music info, I was thinking to have it on Obsidian.

What you guys think about it??

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