Obsidian for GTD

Any one know how to use obsidian for GTD

Because Obsidian is really just a document tool at it’s heart, the implementations for GTD could be pretty varied. There’s not going to be one “right way” depending on your workflow.

My recommendation would be to just start building your lists as prescribed in the book and then start using your lists as you would if they were on paper. (Next actions, projects, someday/maybe, waiting on, contexts).

As you interact with them daily and through your bigger reviews, you’ll naturally find ways you want to have things linked and tagged.

Setting it up “one way” and then trying to make yourself fit into that just creates another barrier for you to get over.

My personal opinion is that Obsidian is not a great tool for GTD tasks. It can be done, but I generally recommend a system that utilizes structured data for tasks rather than free-form notes and links. In my GTD system, Obsidian is my project referece, my filing archive, and my daily diary. I don’t use it for task management.


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