.obsidian file bug!

When I Copy and paste .obsidian file in another vault then the latency of the vault increases like main vault remains normal but other vault becomes very very much high!!

also the themes are buggy & increases latency of vault and makes uneven/rough the vault! - but it isnt main issue i deleted all themes and using default theme which is awesome without any bugs or glitches!!! - if there could be more customisation for default theme it would be great!

There is a lot you can do for customization with CSS. That said, themes are generally less of a culprit for latency than plugins. This is a good write up on how to improve Obsidian’s startup time

Please follow Bug Report templates. I’m moving this to Help.

You’ll need to give more info. What OS? Is Obsidian still open when you are copying the .obsidian folder? Have you tested without plugins?

And for theme glitches, you’d have to give specific info about what is happening. What theme? And make sure your themes are updated to the latest version. Make sure your Obsidian installer is updated to the latest.

i use Mac OS Venture & M1 Mac

i got multiple vaults and .obsidian Folder(The Plugins & Snippets & Appearance) Why Would I Redo All in New Vault So I Copy .obsidian in Different Vault and that copied .obsidian folder in the vault becomes laggy & its latency shows more like for example main vault shows for real 50ms & in the pasted .obsidian vault it becomes 2k+ ms

coming to themes yes i updated obsidian & theme too but it becomes glitchy UI & everything doesn’t stay smooth and i tried in multiple pc or vault or without plugin or without any thing in vault too!

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