Obsidian Downgrading (2024)

Since i couldn’t find no one teaching this, i’m creating a post to help those should need it.

Once i automatically installed 1.6.x version of obsidian, things stopped working. My vault didn’t open (i think this happened because of my community plugins that were made only for 1.5.12 version and versions before). I spent hours trying to discover what happened and how to solve it, and the only solution i found was downgrade obsidian to 1.5.12.

The problem is that downgrade obsidian is not so obvious so here’s what i did:

  • I disabled “automatic updates” on settings
  • i closed obsidian
  • I went to %appdata%, searched for “obsidian-1.6.3.asar” and renamed it to “obsidian-1.5.12.asar”
  • i downloaded and installed obsidian-1-5-12.exe version

Now it’s fixed. I’ll wait like some weeks to updated it again, until all authors of community plugins i have update their versions.

You posted the same here:

I’ll close this one.