Obsidian doesn't recognize unlinked backlinks if they are highlighted

I will just start with an example.

If my note has a sentence like this :

This is a classic example of a ==Bug == in the app.

and I have a note with the file name `Bug in the app’, the Obsidian wouldn’t identify it as an unlinked backlink for the note. But it should, regardless of the highlights. Same happens with a word or a part of the text is bold, italic , struck through or highlighted.

I couldn’t find any other bug reported on this issue.

Ok, I understand your request.
This is a much broader issue that you may realize. The same problem appears if you search "Bug in the app" and won’t find it.

Essentially you are asking for search (and by consequence unlinked mentions) to ignore/strip markdown formatting.
Please, open a feature request for that.

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